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Contract Lifecycle Management - Return To The Basics
Edition 7 - Latest | January 2023
  • What you will get to read –
  • Better Contract Management in 6 steps
  • Podcast Edited Transcript - CLM Readiness
  • APIs - The Future of Legaltech Leadership
  • The Role of Legaltech in improving contracts
  • Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens

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Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession

David Tollen

Founder at Tech Contracts Academy™ and Sycamore Legal™
Episode 10 | October 2023
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession
  • Nature and value of today’s AI tools
  • Application of AI in Contracting
  • Risks surrounding AI tools, particularly generative AI
  • Exposing privileged information to generative AI
  • Is AI a threat to our jobs?
  • Do we have a choice to opt-in or opt-out of AI-enabled services?

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