PCounsel.live is the Legal Technology and transformation podcast where we talk to prominent lawyers, in-house counsels, industry influencers, thought leaders, and experts.


Episode 10 - Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession

  • Nature and value of today’s AI tools
  • Application of AI in Contracting
  • Risks surrounding AI tools, particularly generative AI
  • Exposing privileged information to generative AI
  • Is AI a threat to our jobs?
  • Do we have a choice to opt-in or opt-out of AI-enabled services?
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Episode 9 - Get Your Legal Transformation On The Right Path

  • How to go about selecting a legaltech tool
  • The vitality of pain point and problem identification
  • Managing change, and overcoming resistance to change
  • Key challenges during implementation
  • Causes for implementation failure
  • Dos, donts, recommendations during implementation
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Episode 8 - AI in Legal : Use Cases, Implications, Implementation and Training

  • What is AI and ML, its benefits and uses
  • How does AI add value in the Legal Sector
  • AI in Contract Management
  • Generative AI
  • ChatGPT and the legal sector
  • Misconceptions regarding AI
  • AI – will it replace Jobs?
  • Implementation challenges in AI
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Episode 7 - CLM Simplified – Getting Ready for Contract Automation

  • What you will get to hear –
  • What is CLM? How does it differ from a CLM Software?
  • Evolution of the CLM industry : a lawyer’s perspective
  • Difference between Contract Management & Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Future evolution of the CLM industry – one possible path
  • What are the critical steps in a CLM software implementation?
  • How are CLM and Legal Operations related?
  • Who should do what – internal teams? External expert? Vendors?
  • The critical importance of mapping pain points in your existing CLM processes
  • The top 3 considerations while thinking about a CLM software implementation
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Episode 6 - Myths and Notions of Contract Lifecycle Management

  • What you will get to hear –
  • How in-house legal teams can make better decisions during the CLM Purchase cycle
  • The importance of understanding your own requirements in specifics
  • How to choose & evaluate competitive CLM offerings
  • Why a configurable CLM can be a better choice
  • The importance of the implementation time of a CLM
  • What can a CLM do for an organization, and what problems can it solve?
  • Artificial Intelligence: how much to emphasize the AI capabilities of a CLM?
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Episode 5 - The Unique Combination Of Technology And Humans

  • What you will get to hear –
  • What is the role of technology in the legal space?
  • How do we modulate and change our usage of technology going ahead?
  • What is the role of a person in such a high-tech environment?
  • How do you suggest lawyers implement legal tech in everyday life?
  • What could be the possible reasons why some companies still don't have a CLM?
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Episode 4 - ALSPs : The Current and The Future

  • What you will get to hear –
  • Why are ALSP services growing?
  • What advantages does the ALSP bring to the Law Firms?
  • Law firm expectations from an ALSP
  • How does an ALSP operate and add value?
  • The technology perspective in an ALSP
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Episode 3 - Leveraging technology in legal delivery systems

  • What you will get to hear –
  • What is the status of Legaltech Adoption in Indian Law Firms?
  • What are the hindering factors to adoption?
  • What is enabling the adoption of technology?
  • Why is Tech Adoption, though on the uptick, slower compared to other industries?
  • What is the way forward?
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Episode 2 - Digital Technology’s Value to the Legal Sector

  • What you will get to hear –
  • Are current processes delivering?
  • Does investment in LegalTech give returns?
  • How can LegalTech impact efficiency and productivity?
  • Why should we adopt LegalTech?
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Episode 1 - 2021: How does the future of legal technology differ from its past?

  • What you will get to hear –
  • Has the legal profession been slow to embrace technology?
  • What are the major bottlenecks delaying / negatively impacting the digitization of the legal industry?
  • How has COVID impacted contract execution and management?
  • Is there a change of mindset is needed before we change the way we do legal business?
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