• Ep : 10

Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession

David Tollen

Founder at Tech Contracts Academy™ and Sycamore Legal™

Ep : 10

How is artificial intelligence (AI) transforming the legal profession? What are the benefits and risks of using AI tools for legal tasks? Do we have a choice to use or avoid AI in our work?

These are some of the questions that we explore in this episode of AI in Legal Space, where we talk to David Tollen, founder of Tech Contracts Academy and Sycamore Legal, and a leading authority on technology contracts. David shares his insights on the current and future applications of AI in in the legal profession and contracting in particular. He also discusses the ethical and legal challenges of generative AI, which can create new content, and how it can affect our privileged information and our jobs. Join us in this podcast to learn more about the fascinating and evolving role of AI in the legal space.

David Tollen

David Tollen is the author of The Tech Contracts Handbook, the American Bar Association’s manual on IT contracts. He is also the founder of Sycamore Legal, a law firm that specializes in information technology and intellectual property agreements, and Tech Contracts Academy, a training provider for lawyers and non-lawyers on how to draft and negotiate tech contracts. He is also an award-winning author of educational fiction for young people and adults.

David Tollen appears here in his personal capacity – and opinions / views stated herein are his own.

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