• Ep : 03

Leveraging technology in legal
delivery systems

Ms. Vasundhara Shankar

Founder & Managing Partner, Verum Legal, India

Ep : 03

In Conversation With Ms. Vasundhara Shankar, Founder & Managing Partner, Verum Legal, India

In this episode, Afashan Sayyed is in conversation with Ms Vasundhara Shankar from Verum Legal. A free-wheeling discussion focused on LegalTech adoption in the Legal Delivery Systems domain. In this episode of our series, we cover the history and current situation of LegalTech adoption in the law firms of India through the lens of her personal experience; followed by a birds-eye view of issues in LegalTech adoption. The talk then moves to highlight what has enabled and given a push to LegalTech, and a comparative look at why the Legal Industry is slightly slower in the uptake of technology. We get to learn what has changed in recent years, the actual benefits derived, closing with a fascinatingly new look at what we can do to further increase the pace of adoption

Vasundhara Shankar

Vasundhara is currently the Managing Partner of Verum Legal, a law firm that has a client base of over 300 startups. She has over 8 years of experience in the legal industry. Vasundhara’s tryst with LegalTech began with MyAdvo as a founding team member. As MyAdvo’s only team member with legal experience, she was responsible for guiding & managing their LegalTech development and ideated pioneering technology products with its technology team. She has varied legal and LegalTech experience which has helped her gauge the requirements of the industry from an insider’s perspective, while her vast knowledge on technology helps her understand prospective LegalTech products at nascent stages.

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