• Ep : 09

Selection & Implementation of Legal Technology Tools

Vandana Dhamija

Founder & CEO, Legal Operations Consulting, LLC

Ep : 09

In the latest edition of PCounsel, Mr Rohan Khanna & Ms Vandana Dhamija go deep into what it takes to ensure a successful legaltech implementation, and examine the entire journey, and the challenges faces during it in a fascinating and practical conversation focused exclusively on ensuring a smooth legaltech implementation project

Vandana Dhamija

Vandana is a lawyer and Founder and CEO of consulting practice Legal Operations Consulting, LLC—winner of two awards, Innovation and Change Management for her CLM project and Process Improvement Award for her outside counsel spend management.
She brings over 20 years of project management and operational experience to her corporate legal department and law firm clients, encouraging an atmosphere of understanding and collaboration between both.
She was in legal and compliance roles at multi-billion-dollar organizations such as - Viacom, BlackRock, and JPMorgan Chase. Her solution-driven practice provides real-world, long, and short-term tailor-made strategic solutions.
She is a published author with Bloomberg Law and was a guest lecturer at Columbia Law School.

Vandana Dhamija appears here in her personal capacity – and opinions / views stated herein are her own.

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